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Download Tutu Helper APK for Android Smartphone here. TutuHelper download guide with an official link is given in this article.

When it comes to making choices for the App stores on your devices, there are numerous data available on the web. Users have been searching for the best alternatives as the official app store are becoming irrelevant. Well, we shall provide one here for all our readers. This post is on Tutu Helper APK Download Android TutuHelper App using which users can easily enjoy the best and free apps on their devices.

Most of the users must have come across the Tutu Helper App as it is the one of the best in the market. Although it is a Chinese development, users are overwhelmed by the creative support by the team behind it. The app store provides free and tweaked apps for users to grab on to.

For those who are interested in understanding the steps of Tutu Helper Download and what the app offers, can go through this post here.

About Tutu Helper App

About Tutuhelper

We know that many users may be completely new with the TutuApp and the Tutu Helper App services. This is because this app store is a quite different one from the conventional apps in the market. However, there are always unique pros of each app store and Tutu Helper is also one of them.  As a prominent role, users will find free apps and games on the platform of this app store.

Tutu Helper was initially designed and articulated to suffice the needs of the iOS device users. Its greatest advantage is that the iOS device users did not have to Jailbreak their devices to make use of this app store. Later, with an increase in demand for Android compatibility left the developers to situate a new section for the Android apps.

Additionally, when the app was out, the users had difficulty to navigate through the options as it was in the Chinese language. With the latest version of the Tutu helper for Android, the users can now access the app store in English. Hence, through this post, we’re going to help our readers access the Tutu Helper APK Download for their devices.

Tutu Helper APK Download

Download Tutu Helper APK for Android

It is quite clear to all for sure that since this application is an app market, it is not available in the Google Play Store or any other app stores. Hence, to download it, users will have to carry out the Tutu Helper APK Download and installation for their device. Usually, all Android users can access the Tutu Helper Download but their devices are preferred to be of version 4.0 and above.

Now, follow the steps as discussed here below to set the app store on your device properly;

  • For downloading the Tutu Helper APK on the Android, you will have to access its official website first.
  • Use this link to reach the Tutu Helper Download page.
  • When you reach the site, you’ll find the option in the top menu of “Tutu Helper for Android”
  • Select this and the page will direct you to the APK Download page.
  • Click on the green colored tab with “Download Now” written on it.
  • The APK will start to download onto your device.
  • On completion of the download, you must first check whether your device is configured correctly or not. You have to tick mark the “Unknown Source” option on your device settings to allow the installation of the APK files.
  • Go to the settings menu and enter “Application” menu to reach there.
  • After completing this, tap on the Tutu Helper APK and select “Install” option.
  • The app installation will take place for your device instantaneously.

At last, on completion of the installation process, users will be at disposal of a variety of apps and games for their devices. Different categories suffice the needs of the users. In the next section, we would like to point out details on Tutu Helper iOS version.

Tutu helper iOS Download

Download Tutu Helper iOS for iPhone

When we talk about Tutu App and the iOS devices, we refer to the origin of this app store and its purpose. Tutu Helper VIP was developed to penetrate the restrictive nature of the iOS devices and provide the users an equal opportunity of looking for resources other than Apple’s iTunes Store. With this app store, the users could access new apps and games for free without Jailbreaking their devices.

Although the app works without a Jailbreak of the iOS device, users can carry out the same on the Jailbroken devices too. Below listed are some of the steps that users will have to follow in order to set up the application on their iOS devices;

  • Access Safari Browser which is on your device and launch it. You will have to get the latest version of the browser to get best results.
  • Next, visit the main website of Tutu Helper Download. Here’s the link to it.
  • When you reach the same, look for the option of “Download” with the QR-Code on it.
  • Users are required to scan the code using any appropriate scanner app on their device.
  • A pop-up will appear on the screen when the site page loads and ask permission to download the application.
  • Allow the installation by selecting the “Continue” tab on the screen.
  • The Tutu Helper iOS version will begin installing onto your device.
  • Then, go to the device settings and enter the “Device Manager and Profiles” option.
  • On the list of profiles, you’ll see a new one matching the Tutu Helper App source. Select it and then select “Trust” for the same option.
  • A pop up will appear confirming the action hence, tap on “Trust” again on the pop-up.
  • Finally, exit the settings menu with saved changes and tap on the icon of Tutu Helper App to launch it.

You’ll see that the app store will launch and in front of you will be thousands of free apps and games. All apps for the iOS devices are indifferent, hence, we request users to make use of the Jailbroken device. We understand that there are questions regarding the app store. So, read through the next section to resolve the common queries that you have.

Tutu Helper VIP FAQs

Tutu Helper Download FAQs

There are plenty of general questions that pop into every reader’s minds while going through the details of Tutu Helper App. There are different queries relating to the download procedure or relating to the content of the app store. Hence, we have compiled answers to some of the most common queries that we have received;

  • What is the premium version of Tutu App for?
    • There is no cost to access the Tutu Helper App on your Android, iOS and now the PC version too. However, there is the Tutu Helper VIP premium version for the iOS devices that get subscription based services from the app store.
    • The major advantage of this is that there are no ads on it and users can access more Mods and regular version of apps. If you wish to stick to the free version, you are not loosing anything for sure, just have to bear with ads on the app store.
  • Some of the apps or games to not respond appropriately, Why?
    • At times, users face this issue that there are some apps which lag performance and some do not run at all.
    • If such an issue occurs, simply try to uninstall the app/game, reinstall the same from the latest version of the Tutu Helper App and then try. Also, make sure that the internet connection is good to carry on with online services.
  • Is it safe to use Tutu Helper?
    • This is an important and very common question that related to the Tutu Helper APK Download for users. Well, we are glad to let you know that the application is safe to use and also is legal for all users.
    • There are official sites of the same and there are hundred of thousands of users for the same. In terms of malware or bug issues too, Tutu Helper is at minimal risk levels for any device.

The above mentioned are some of the most common queries that most users have when it comes to the Tutu Helper Download. You can get more support from the official help section of the app store.

Download Tutu Helper Alternatives

Tutu Helper Download Alternatives

While the app developers are making every effort to optimize the application for users, it may still not be the best to others. We totally respect user’s opinions. That is why we’re going to provide some Tutu Helper APK and Tutu Helper iOS alternatives to our readers.

Here is a list of apps that serve similar or better services as the Tutu Helper App does;

  • Aptoide; This app store is available for the Android and the iOS devices as well. It is the best alternative to Tutu App and other official app stores in the market. Aptoide provides its users with access to latest apps and games for free. There are some premium apps that users can download for free through the Aptoide app store.
  • Blackmart Alpha; This is one of the most accessible app stores that the Android users can go to for free apps & games. As the name gives an idea, users can access the app download in Black, i.e. for free. There are lots of mods and tweaked apps as well as popular app versions in store for all. Users can access the app store download directly from the web resources.
  • IPASTORE; When iOS device users run out of options, there are better choices available in the IPASTORE app store. In this, the users will find IPA files of the existing iOS compatible apps and games. Hence, it serves as a worthy alternative to the Tutu Helper iOS version.
  • AppCake; This app store is another option for the iOS device users to get the free apps from. To setup the app store, users have to Jailbreak their iOS devices. If they are already using the same, then accessing this store is really easy and worth the Jailbreak. There are so many options to choose from that the users won’t even think of any other store. Give it a try for your self.

There are other options too available in the market as you keep searching. Users can make their choice from this description that we have provided or look for more. Before we wind up this post, we would like to draw your attention towards the features of the Tutu Helper for Android.

TutuApp Download features

Features of Tutu Helper Download

Before making your decision regarding whether to go with Tutu Helper or not, you should go through the features of the application. These points will surely help you understand more about the same;

  • The app store download is available for all users of the Android and iOS devices.
  • Users will get trending, popular and all sorts of apps and games for free through Tutu Helper App. There are so many options of the apps that the users may desire to get for their devices.
  • There is multiple language support now with the application. Initially, it was only in the Chinese language but now, users can access it in English too.
  • Tutu helper APK Download is easily available for all Android users through the official website of the application.
  • Moreover, the iOS devices do not require Jailbreaking for the setup of the application. However, the app does work well with Jailbroken devices too.
  • Not only apps but the application has tools to manage some device functionalities too. It can handle battery management, device cool-down, etc.
  • Additionally, Tutu Helper for Android and iOS does not require registration of any sort. Unlike Play Store and iTunes App Store, this application does not require any user to register for accessing the store. It is freely accessible to all users.

So, the above-mentioned points are plenty to define the functions of the app store. Confidently, we can say that the Android and iOS users are going to enjoy their time of use when they download Tutu Helper App. Well, folks! We have explained almost everything that relates to Tutu Helper APK Download Android here. Contact us at tutu-helper for queries.